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Financial Solutions delivered by an experienced and helpful team

KB Financial Solutions is focused on helping traditional brick and mortar small businesses, professional service practices, and international online retailers selling products in Canada through channels such as Amazon.

Financial Solutions

Thinking of using QuickBooks Online for your business?

“I have an E-Commerce business and Brian provides accounting, bookkeeping and tax services. His knowledge is hard to match. Brian has gone above and beyond for my company multiple times. He's always looking out for the best interest of his clients. All of Brian's services have been absolutely fantastic. Prior to Brian - our accounting was a bit of a mess. Since Brian - our accounting is much more accurate, clean and organized. We now have monthly financial statements - which is something I've wanted for some time now. Brian got things done and executed in a timely manner to make sure everything was up to date.”

Bryden Ferrato, President,

Lip Monthly, Inc.

Our Financial Solutions

All our financial services are delivered by an experienced and helpful team using QuickBooks Online, a cloud-based accounting program trusted by millions of small businesses and solo entrepreneurs.

Our team brings years of accounting experience working with small businesses as well as in-depth knowledge of Canada’s tax requirements through years of working with the Canada Revenue Agency.   If you’re in need of reliable and professional financial services in any of the following areas, please feel free to email KB Financial Solutions today.  

Financial Solutions Provided:

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