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"My son and I own a retail health and supplement store. Brian developed and implemented our accounting; defined our bookkeeping policies and procedures and trained us to achieve consistency in day to day recording of transactions. He prepares and submits our quarterly and annual tax reports and remittances, he provides monthly, quarterly, and annual bookkeeping services complete with financial statements and other reports. Brian is very knowledgeable and has always thoroughly answered my questions.  He is also very patient and takes the time to fully explain things in an easy to understand way."

Payroll Services

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Wendy Patterson,

Supplement King

KB Financial Solutions can streamline your payroll requirements by:

Payroll Services

A big part of keeping employees happy is ensuring that their pay is processed, paid and reported in a timely, professional and legal manner. With decades of experience in payroll services for small businesses, KB Financial Solutions will ensure that your payroll obligations are set up and managed to keep employees and tax departments happy.

Setting up each employee for accurate deductions and direct deposit payments by taking into account their individual situation such as married, single, children, etc.

Ensure that the company is keeping accurate payroll records in accordance with Canadian tax laws.

Ensure that each employee receives appropriate compensation documentation including pay statements and year-end T4s.  

People are the heart of every business. We’ll help keep their pay in order.

Preparing source deduction remittance reports for precise and timely payments to the Canada Revenue Agency to avoid potentially severe late payment penalties.