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“I operate a chiropractic clinic and have found Brian to be professional, punctual, extremely knowledgeable and very responsive in getting back to me. I was audited recently by the tax department and Brian completely took care of the situation and made it virtually stress free for me. I would have been lost without the help. Thanks a bunch.”

Aaron Simon,

Riverview Chiropractic

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Start by Avoiding Scrutiny from Tax Authorities

Audit Defense Services

Given the choice, what person, business or organization would really choose to take part in a tax audit? Unfortunately, choice doesn’t really enter into the equation. Canada Revenue Agency and other government agencies can decide to audit almost any one at any time. But there are steps that can be taken to lessen the chances of finding yourself under scrutiny or being the recipient of an unpleasant tax decision.

After 15 years with the Canada Revenue Agency, KB Financial Solutions’ founder, Brian McGill is well aware of the categories and expenses that draw extra attention and increase the likelihood of an audit or review taking place. Avoiding common red flags such as prolonged business losses, unreasonable deductions and trying to claim obvious personal expenses as business expenses is one way to reduce the chances of your file being flagged. Another way is to ask KB Financial Solutions to review your current revenues and expenses to help you identify areas that could be subject to intense inspection.

Talk to any person or any business that has been through a tax audit and they will probably tell you that finding and providing receipts and other pieces of information was extremely and often painfully time-consuming. KB Financial Solutions knows exactly how to organize records and receipts for easy retrieval should the day arrive when you find yourself involved in an audit.  

Preparing and Defending People and Businesses from Painful and Potentially, Expensive Audits

Preparing for A Possible Tax Audit

In spite of your best intentions and sometimes because someone has decided to make life unpleasant for you, you can find yourself embroiled in stressful audit of your personal or business taxes. KB Financial Solutions can help with a vigorous, knowledgeable and, experienced defense. With years of working within the Canada Revenue Agency, we know how the system works and have been the people on the other end of the process hundreds of times.

Defending Yourself during a Tax Audit

KB Financial Solutions can help you defend yourself during a tax audit help by:

Dealing with the Canada Revenue Agency on your behalf

Disputing any adjustments made to your returns

Filing notices of objection for unreasonable assessments and fines

Ensuring that all legitimate deductions are allowed

Striving to ensure that you are paying taxes at the minimum legally acceptable level