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"My son and I own a retail health and supplement store. Brian developed and implemented our accounting; defined our bookkeeping policies and procedures and trained us to achieve consistency in day to day recording of transactions. He prepares and submits our quarterly and annual tax reports and remittances, provides monthly, quarterly, and annual bookkeeping services complete with financial statements and other reports. Brian is very knowledgeable and has always thoroughly answered my questions.  Brian is also very patient and takes the time to fully explain things in an easy to understand way."

Tax Preparation

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Wendy Patterson,

Supplement King

KB Financial Solutions can help ease your tax-induced pressure by:

Tax Preparation Services

There’s that famous old saying from Benjamin Franklin about taxes being one of the two certainties of life. We won’t get into the other certainty, but we’re happy to help ease the stress of tax preparation, whether you are filing personal or business taxes in Canada.

As former auditors with the Canada Revenue Agency, we bring a deep understanding of Canada’s tax laws and regulations. We can advise you on what you can deduct and tax avoidance strategies you should stay clear of.

Ensuring that your records, books and other relevant financial information is kept up to date so that tax returns are submitted on time.

Preparing and submitting your tax returns on-line.

Flagging any potential issues that may result in tax authorities flagging your returns or flagging your account. .

Taxes are a part of life. We’ll help keep that part of your life in order.