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Running a business can often leave owners feeling like there are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done on time. While some business deadlines can be allowed to slip, paying taxes on time is not something to play fast and loose with. Not paying your business taxes on time can result in penalties, fines and unwanted scrutiny from the government.

With 15-years of experience as tax inspectors and auditors with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA), KB Financial Solutions can organize and manage your business taxes by:

“I contacted Brian when I decided to become self-employed and had no idea what to do. Brian was able to answer all questions and make sure everything was set up properly. He goes above and beyond to remind me of important deadlines and flags anything I should be aware of. We've recently purchased a home and gone through a mortgage approval - throughout the process, Brian was able to dig up all documents needed quickly saving me a ton of time, not to mention my sanity!”

Business Taxes

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KB Financial Solutions can streamline your payroll requirements by:

Business Taxes

Registering, tracking, preparing and submitting HST (Canadian sales tax) online to the Canada Revenue Agency as well as the four provinces that collect sales taxes payable by businesses selling goods and services in Canada

Reviewing, preparing and submitting corporate tax returns to the Canada Revenue Agency within the legally mandated timelines. All corporate tax returns in Canada must be filed within 6 months after year-end. Any taxes owing must be paid within 3 months of year-end.

We Can Help Make Tracking and Paying Business Taxes Less Taxing